Bill Fugina

Experienced, Full Stack Software Architect, Developer, Collaborator, and Mentor

Hello, I’m Bill and I create software.

I’ve been creating software professionally for over 20 years, but I’ve been interested in computer programming for almost my entire life.


Creating software is more than just writing code. All but the smallest software systems are made up of many parts whether it’s the tiers of a large distributed system or the layers of simple application. Those parts need to be well organized in order for the system to work and be maintainable.

I have a passion for finding the sweet spot between “quick & dirty” and over engineered using established design patterns, clean code practices and years of experience.


I enjoy writing code. It’s fun for me. When I get in the zone, hours seem like minutes. I like solving problems and working out algorithms. I crave the sense of accomplishment I get when whatever I’m working on finally runs and is working.

I consider myself lucky that every day I get to do something that I enjoy so much.


Early in my career, I was lucky to have one of the senior developers that I worked with take an interest in me. I learned as much about the business of software development from him as I did in college.

Since then I have had the privilege to work with many young and talented developers. It is incredibly satisfying to sit and work with other developers who are interested and eager to learn how to become better. I often learn as much from them as they do from me.


Hey Bill. Today’s my last day and I wanted to reach out and say thank you for everything. You’re one of the most talented developers I’ve ever had the pleasure to get to work with and know. Of all the developers here you’ve taught me the most things. Both to have great ideas and to be brave enough to stand up for them. I’m going to greatly miss working with you. Thanks for everything!

– Johnathan Howell-Zobel, Site Reliability Engineer, inMotionNow

Bill is a great motivator and really promotes a workplace that encourages employees to find solutions and implement them, investing themselves in their work.

– Joshua Franklin, IT Manager, Coleman Insights

Bill is one of the most diversely talented software developers I’ve ever worked with. His work is of consistently high quality and he has a thorough command of many different technologies. Bill’s attention to detail is fantastic and he demonstrates keen intuition about what makes for great software.

– Michael Durling, Principal Software Engineer, Lacuna Technologies